Thin Silver Alabaster Shadowstone Panel

Thin Silver Alabaster Shadowstone Panel

  • PRODUCT SIZE: 6″x 24″
  • STONE TYPE: Quartzite
  • FINISH: Split Face
  • USAGE: Interior,Exterior,Walls,Water Feature,Commercial,Residential
  • AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES: Corners,Natural Ends


Thinstone panels are the most contemporary of all Realstone collections. Slate, quartzite or sandstone are cut in to ultra thin slices to form each panel. Thinstone is available in a split face Ledgestone finish, smooth Shadowstone and a unique angled cut profile. The slim pieces of stone blend together into a texture rich surface, bringing depth and refinement to any project.Silver Alabaster is a quartzite of warm beige, blue grey and off white with a subtle sparkle.


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