Chimney, Crown, Cap and Chase Cover Replacement

Leaky or damaged crowns and chase tops, are potential hazards on brick chimneys and prefabricated metal fireplaces. We help eliminate problems before they start by repairing masonry and replacing rusty metal chase tops, with a new crown or a brand new custom chase cover to fit your chimney.
A chimney cap, sometimes referred to as a crown, is a reinforced concrete cap placed over the top of a brick and mortar chimney. The cap is designed to protect and shed rain water away from the chimney. A chimney is exposed to extreme weather changes, and brick expands and contracts differently than reinforced concrete.

More technically, masonry chimneys are capped with a mortar “crown” to prevent water from getting behind the bricks and alongside the flue, and ultimately into the house. Over time, normal expansion and contraction cycles can cause cracks to form, as shown above. Sealing the chimney crown with crown sealer, a flexible elastomeric coating, is the best way to stop existing cracks from spreading and prevent new ones.

This seasonal expansion and contraction, a chimney cap can eventually crack or break and need to be replaced. Cracks in a brick chimney can get worse fast, but the fix is easy if attended to promptly. That’s where we come in. We can do an expert rebuild of your chimney cap or install a pre-made chimney cap.

A chimney cap keeps water and critters out of your flue and extends flue life. Many codes require a mesh cap, but you have us for expert advice and installation and we will carefully examine your chimney and make the appropriate recommendation. A stainless steel cap will be more durable than a galvanized one, but we do not upsell. We honor your choice after we advise you of the recommended solution to your problem.