Bowden’s installed a new fireplace insert (wood burning type) at my house in 2013. The price was good, The product was good, and the installer knew what he was doing. The sales lady at the shop also knew what she was talking about. There was one issue: The fan was abnormally noisy with rattling noise at low to intermediate speed. After some argument back and forth to make sure that it was not the usual “humming noise” at low fan speed, the owner ordered new fan motors, sent back the original installation person, and changed them. The rattling noise disappeared. I am enjoying the fireplace insert very much. The owner was very responsive and responsible. I have been recommending Bowden’s Fireside to all my friends who had issue with their old fireplaces. The only negative issue I had was with the assistant who came together with the technician. I did not enjoy any conversation with him. But the main technician was a very nice person and superb. I am so glad that I chose Bowden’s. I would use them again. I have the highest recommendation for Bowden’s Fireside.